Thursday, September 18, 2014

wild kingdom

The back lot at work has been busy lately. We've always had feral cats slinking around and I've fed the ones who are visible enough for me to get to know them a little. When I spotted a mama and her 3 kittens, I started putting crunchies and water out for her. This was in July - it was pretty hot and there isn't a ready source of fresh water around. She had been someone's pet at some point because it wasn't long before she let me scruff her cheek with my fingers. The kittens are a bit wilder but I managed to pick one up the other day. He looked dumbfounded for about 5 seconds, then struggled to get down but not frantically.

I trapped mama and got her fixed a couple weeks ago and will do the same with all the kittens soon. But meanwhile, 4 baby opossums showed up on Tuesday. Turns out their mom was dead in the street, but so far they're hanging around eating cat food, so maybe they'll make it.
Mama cat - check. Kittens - check. Opossum - WHAT?!
This shot is right after I walked back around the from side
and saw the opossum for the first time. My mouth fell open and my eyes got round,
just like in the cartoons. Look how little he is.
They have such funny little pink toes. I was squatting down about 4 feet away,
holding real still, and he finally got brave enough to come back out to the food.
This kitten is gorgeous. It's the one I picked up and if I was gonna snatch one
and bring it home, it would be this one. But I'm not. No, I'm not.
Don't need another cat and Mabel would just pack her bags
and move right on out if I brought a sassy little kitten home.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

gelli from Julie in July

My San Diego pal Julie visits me every July and we always do some sort of artsy thing while she's here - make jewelry, bind books, etc. This year we did some gelli printing and I don't think I ever posted them, so here they are. Some odd color combos here, for me.


Sunday, September 14, 2014

epic gelli print session

I was overdue for a gelli printing session, so this morning, I turned on football, got all my stuff out, lined the kitchen counters with newspaper and went to town. 3 hours later I had 12 deli papers (last 2 pics), 14 typing papers (second 2 pics), and 18 postcards (first 2 pics) gellied to a fare-thee-well and I was done. Too much fun. Some of each will be going to my gelli print swap group as each person's name comes up on the rotation. The rest I'll use myself. Or just look thru now and then, cause I love most of them. All that color. Yowza!

Friday, September 12, 2014

collaged postcards

Made a batch of cards to replenish my stash. If you haven't gotten a card from me in a while, maybe one of these will show up in your mailbox!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

more stamp heads

Finished up another batch and that's enough of those for a while. As before, if you'd like to swap for one, just let me know in the comments or via email.

Monday, September 8, 2014

stamp head postcards

Contrary to the lack of posts on this blog, I actually have been making some art lately. Got in a slump there for a while cause I had one good book after another and wanted to do nothing more than sit and read.

My mail art pal Connie made a batch of stamp head cards using images from a children's book that were cool and I remembered I had one also, prime for cutting up. It's a 1953 book of children's stories and poems. Some of them are a hoot, so politically incorrect and bordering on racist. I steered away from those and mostly just went thru the book looking for images that stamps went well with.

If you see one that blows your skirt up, email me and we'll swap!

it was that or nothing

Went to Oakland airport recently to pick up my stepson who lives in Africa. We were a bit early so parked in the cell phone waiting lot. Knowing we'd probably wait, I'd brought a book to read and my sketchbook. Didn't feel like reading so looked around for something to draw. Big boring buildings and lots of cars. <snore> By sitting sideways in my seat, I was able to see the hillside across the road. Still not terribly fascinating but it was that or nothing so I sketched it.

Took a photo of it before we left so that I could paint it later. Just got around to that this morning and once again, I'm pretty happy with it, considering it's a hillside devoid of flowers, with a guardrail along the top and pavement below. The yellow part coming down thru the grass is where they must have re-seeded or something. It was dry and scruffy looking, much like I painted it. As I said, little to choose from.

But yay for the continued sketching!