Monday, August 31, 2015

some art and a crappy camera

Trying a post from my Samsung Galaxy Tab somethingorother tablet but the camera quality is awful. I didn't buy it for the camera but it's still annoying as hell. I've had good luck with the multitude of Samsung products I've owned but I don't recommend one if you want good quality photos. That said, this tablet is a few years old. Maybe they're better now.
Anyway, I made some art recently - a couple postcards and 2 ATCs. Only showing one of the postcards now until the recipient gets. Will post it later.
The postcard has a painty paper towel background and some ephemera from the 1948 May issue of Popular Mechanics, one of a handful of old magazines found in my father - in law's stuff when he died. My well-trained husband brought them home for me.
The ATC backgrounds are used teabags with ephemera from the same mag. The circles were punched from gelli printed deli papers. Nice to be doing some art. I've been in non-arty mode for a while now. Got hooked on watching the West Wing on Netflix. What a marvelous show. Smart snappy writing that you have to pay attention to, unlike 90% of today's moronic tv. I sure hope that turns around in my lifetime, but until then thank god for Netflix.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I'm a bad blogger. Sorry to u folks who signed up to follow me, then got nothing but dead air. I instagram all the time and cross load to twitter and fb, so u can go follow me there for a lot more content. Not sure why the blog doesn't grab me any more.
But anyway, here's a grim version of a bridge in Bruges, sketched from a pic in a book. I really need to practice cause my perspective is dreadful.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cutest kitten yet

The lone surviving kitten from the latest (and last!) back lot batch was discovered the other day. Maybe the prettiest kitten I've ever seen, his markings are just great. Four white paws, zebra leg stripes, white nose and chest, brown ears, creamy tan everywhere else.
He's about 4 weeks so needs to be bottle fed a bit longer. I kept him over nite, then passed him along to Donna, kitten raiser deluxe. I'll get him back as soon as he's on soft food and keep him until he's 2 lbs and can be neutered and start going to mobile adoption days. Bet he'll be adopted the first time he goes. Must run deep background check on whoever wants him!

Monday, June 29, 2015

put a bird on it

Inspired by a postage stamp of a many - colored bird. Marker, watercolor, hand carved stamp - all in a little nature journal I made last week. The little feather is from the belly of my mean parrot Winston.
I'm just gluing in things I like and working on whatever page appeals to me at the time. A way of working that I've decided suits me much better than one thing at a time, or a given thing on a certain day, like icad.
I'd been mildly agonizing that I wasn't doing much art but, like most things, my desire for it comes and goes and eventually returns again. Wandering around thru this journal is perfect.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dlp2015 week of 6/13

Can't even remember the prompt, something about routing your travels, and too lazy to look it up. Pic of my dad's mom on a bench and me in a lake. She was a wonderful grandma, the only one I remember much of. We visited at Easter and I was fascinated by all the lizards in their covered parking area.

Postcard sketching

Still slogging away on DLP2015 but a few weeks behind now. Ah well. Sometimes the prompts just don't grab me. But I have these old postcards sent to my mom's mother and decided to draw one of them. I clearly don't posses the sketching gene but it will serve the purpose of reminding me of the real postcard from 1912.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

baby animals! (lots of pics)

Various baby animals I've been around lately. Lots of foals out at the ranch. Wish my legs were that long.

zzz zzz zzz   Every now and then he'd sigh and groan. 
There are a ton of babies - somewhere around 80.
Field after field of mares and foals.
Love how the mares just stand over their baby while it's sleeping.
Hen and more chicks than I could count cause they never held still.

Had a batch of 5 kittens for a week while their real foster mom was out of town.
Five is one too many, couldn't keep track or defend myself lol.
Have another batch of 4 coming tomorrow or maybe Thursday.
Not sure how long they're staying.
Not sure I took any clear pics cause they were always in motion.
All 5 in this pic.
Here's all 5 again, you just can't quite see the 5th one buried in the pile.
Two were identical right down to the spots on their bellies and the lines
on their faces. If I was going to have them for a while, I'd put blue food
coloring on one's head or something. The orange one was a biter.
Maggie meets the kittens. She was fascinated, they didn't much care.